Neuroweb Objectives

Objectives of the project.

The amount of biomedical information that can be accessed through the Internet has reached a level no one cuold have dreamt of just ten years ago.
The success of the genome sequencing projects has created an enormous amount of data that cannot be easly analysed.
The development of a data management system which integrates genomic databanks, clinical databases, and data mining tools embeded into a common resource accessible to health care professionals would be extremely advantegeous.
The objectives of the NEUROWEB project are:

* To integrate clinical and genetic databases of the participating centres, different for structure and language, into a single virutal database;
* To query the genetic databanks containing human genetic profiles present on the web;
* To generate new knowledge on single patients with cerebrovasculare disease, in order to achieve personalised prevention, diagnosis and therapy;
* To promote collaborative research practicees among the reseearch communities involved in the project in order to share and enhance knowledge in the neurological domain.