Neuroweb Description

The neuroweb project: description.

NeurowebNEUROWEB knowledge will be initially based on four existing databases located in four NEUROWEB hospitals referring to patients affected by cerebrovasculare disease.
Those hospitals will make available their genetic, biological, clinical, and imaging data, according to each partner's specialization. The genetic database will be based on innovative technologies such as cDNA-microarray for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) genotyping.
These data will constitute the core of the project and will be used also to validate currently used protocols in the partecipating centres.

From a technological point of view, NEUROWEB is aimed at integrating this information using metadata profiling with the support of ontologies to improve user access and distribution of information in a standard web environment.
In particular, specific support systems will be developed to interconnect Clinical Information Systems (CIS) and static HTML web sites in a common dynamic environment. The intelligent navigation tool will be supported by a knowledge base, flexible and easy to update system, containing the logic paths and the search templates offered to the final user.
NEUROWEB will also allow continuous updating and verification of clinical protocols adopted in participating clinical institutions.